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1. Tooling capacity Bedways-grindingmachine Boehringer Portalmillingmachine GSP CNC-horizontal boringmill Wotan/ Heidenhain ...
...Tooling capacity Bedways-grindingmachine Boehringer Portalmillingmachine GSP CNC-horizontal boringmill Wotan/ Heidenhain CNC-vertical mill Stanko CNC- lath Okuma/ NUM CNC-lathe......Gehring Sinustable Highfrequencyspindle Ibag Vaud, Avenches, Switzerland RAMSEIER, BLOECHLINGER, Tooling capacity, Bedways-grindingmachine, Boehringer, Portalmillingmachine, GSP, CNC......
http://www.betriebsmechaniker.ch/tooling_capacity/tooling_capacity.htm 8 Kb
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2. Blechexpo 2015 2015-09-18 Progressive tool The 12th Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal ...
http://www.klausbaier.de/newsdetail/items/blechexpo-2015-40.html?pdf=183 521 Kb

3. Eraser Product Index
...Blades DCFA & DCFB Head with blades used on the DCF4A and DCF4B. IR4431 DE400 Extension Kit Kit to extend the capacity on DE400 form 6” to 10” TR4400 DSP Heat......CL0168 Timing Feed Belt For use with WC600D (AR7101, AR7102) and WC601D (AR7151, AR7152). PR1029 Tooling Kit for use with WA4 IW0902 Triple Element Bench Glo-Ring® Heat Tool ......
http://www.eraser.com/main.cgi?m=productindex 193 Kb

4. Chung Ting Rubber Industrial Co Ltd @ Asian Sources Online - Supplier Homepage
...Company Profile Worldwide US$9, 000, 000 to 9, 999, 999 OEM Capability Production Capacity Large Product Line 20 to 29 95 percent to 99 percent Yes US$9, 000, 000 to 9, 999, 999 1......percent to 99 percent Yes US$9, 000, 000 to 9, 999, 999 1, 500 to 1, 999 Silicon rubber keypads include: Tooling Special surface coating Laser etching Plastic injection Mylar (petdome) dome......
http://www.chungting.com/company.htm 7 Kb

5. Hölzel - Machining
...Universalwerkzeuge, Feinwerktechnik, Feinwerktechnische Bearbeitung Home Contact Imprint Downloads Deutsch Portrait Tooling Machining Stamping Stacking Our capacity - your success ......
http://www.hoelzel-stanz.de/fx?fxpage=machining&fxlang=en 13 Kb
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6. Planetary marking systems and rotary marking machines
...Marking Rotary Marking Stylus Marking Nameplate Marking Steel Type Type Holders Hand Stamps Numbering Heads Tooling Contact Us Tradeshows About Us Dog Tags Privacy Policy Rotary......A spring loaded die head insures constant marking force with a maximum pressure capacity of 1 ton. It also has variable speed DC motor......
http://www.gtschmidt.com/rotary/index.html 21 Kb
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7. Comac company experience in production & sales - section, profile and tube bending machines, angle rolls – production & sales ...
...send us also a picture of the spare required. Can we bend bigger sections than the ones indicated in the capacity chart of the profile bending machine? We recommend to......indicated in the capacity chart of the profile bending machine? We recommend to work respecting the maximum capacity indicated in the capacity chart of the section bending......
http://www.comac-italy.com/gb/faq.html 11 Kb

8. JDC Electronic SA
...is considered to be the world leader in the wind measuring instrumentation. Our strength lies in our capacity to produce completed instrument from the original idea, into......ELECTRONIC SA has the skill and technology to design instruments and provide prototypes and tooling. Our vast knowledge of both hydro and aero dynamism is used in the......
http://www.beatronic.com/instruments/jdc-electronic-sa 47 Kb

9. Design - Walter Schneider GmbH
...the forming process is specified in parallel. Data, such as compressive force, ejection forces, working capacity, die mounting area and the force-displacement characteristic of......all our pressing stage sequences in-company. The created design drawings are the basis for the tooling made in our own toolmaking area. Stage plan of a magnetic body blank......
http://www.WSchneiderGmbH.de/en/implementation-en/design 27 Kb

10. Encapsulated Electronics
...weighing devices. Fairbanks Scales manufactures weighing devices for any need, from forklift loads to heavy capacity trucks to shipping packages as well as instruments and......chemistry which has been used in various industries for decades. Some of the applications include: Tooling, casting and molding Electrical and aerospace applications ......
http://www.fairbanks.com/innovation/encapsulated.cfm 14 Kb

11. Plastic micro injection of precision parts and insert over-molding
...injection Applications and injected material Design and Advice Machine Range / Equipment Range Metrology Tooling and complex parts Molds of high precision Micro-mechanic assemblies......controlled to ensure stability and consistency duting production. We have a climate chamber also. We have the capacity to produce orders ranging from small production runs......
http://www.roland-bailly.fr/micro-injection.html 23 Kb

12. Diebold HSK
...a climate controlled factory equipped with state of the art CMM technology in class 2 clean room. The capacity is in excess of 2000 spindles per month. High Frequency......request Our spindle packages are given the same care and meticulous attention to detail as our tooling. We use only the best materials, and work with the leading......
http://www.hsk.com/en/spindles.php 27 Kb

13. Power Transmission, Material Handling & Hand Tool Manufacturer
...MartinV-Belt Sheaves New Video Martin serves the V-drive industry with extensive stock inventories, the capacity to meet larger quantity requirements, and the versatility to......engineering and drafting department allow for flexibility in design and the freedom to create our own tooling for custom parts. Cutting Teeth Martin has three methods of......
http://www.martinsprocket.com/view/resourcespage/literature-media/videos 60 Kb

14. PCD/PCBN Tooling
...Product Lines P.B.S.® Braze Electroplated Flexible Bond Hybrid Bond Metal Bond Resin Bond PCD/PCBN Tooling Express Line® Custom Solutions Resources Videos Literature Request SDS Ask......Purchase Terms & Conditions (UK) Sale Terms & Conditions (UK) Store Blog Home Product Lines PCD/PCBN Tooling PCD/PCBN Tooling Abrasive Technology has years of......
http://www.abrasive-tech.com/product-lines/tooling 22 Kb

15. AMPLA s.r.l. | Official Website
...commissioning company AMPLA, with ISO 9001, has advanced technologies, thorough quality control and production capacity - up to 3 works per day - at its......phase ends with the establishment or supervision of mould designs. Mould Making The company has a tooling department which is equipped with the latest generation machine tools......
http://www.ampla.it/ing-content/termoplastici.html 13 Kb

16. Machine Tool Coolant Pumps - Cat Pumps
...life and better part finish. These results add up to a reduced cost per part and increased machining capacity. With high-pressure machine tool coolant flushing, coolant is......tolerances can be held while maintaining product consistency. High-pressure coolant applied through the tooling directs the flow away from the cutting surface, improving chip......
http://www.catpumps.com/pumps-machine-tool-coolant-flushing.asp 34 Kb

17. SERVICE - Service - MCM S.p.A. - Piacenza
...software Manufacturing technology References AEROSPACE AUTOMOTIVE TRANSPORT ENERGY, OIL&GAS MACHINERY, TOOLING&DEFENCE INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS INDUSTRY 4.0 Service Service MCM worldwide News ......parts full availability. MCM is always at the side of the customer in achieving the maximum production capacity of the installed machines, thanks to comprehensive and......
http://www.mcmspa.it/service-340/service-341 41 Kb
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18. - Haco
...us Our Solutions Sheet Metal Bending Pressmaster Euromaster S Euromaster E Conventional PPM ATP Blue Line High capacity HDSY Robot Bending SyncView Shearing HSL(X) TS(X) ATS Blue Line ......Blue Line Punching The Q5 The Q3/Q4 ATT Blue Line Sheet Loading and Unloading Sheet Transfer Punch tooling grinder Fiber Laser Cutting HACO FL 3015 LU and FL 4015 LU Plasma......
http://www.haco.com/en/our-services/att-blue-line 607 Kb
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19. Gebr. Braem Ltd | Precision mechanics
...productivity. The company has been investing in intelligent presetting cells and standardized universal tooling systems, which aim to support a flexible manufacturing process......interfaces for tools and work pieces provide the basis for meaningful automation. This requires a tooling system that is set solidly with a high degree of repeatability. ......
http://www.gebrbraem.ch/english/firma_05.htm 5 Kb

20. Digisens - Lift Sensors
...English (UK) Lift Sensors DIGI SENS measuring systems are also incorporated into lifts and guarantee maximum capacity and security by precise weight measurement. They recognise......with all fixing parts needed. This allows a simple mounting on the desired structure. No special tooling is needed. No surface conditioning, no glues drying in clean room......
http://www.digisens.ch/index.php/en/applicationss/lift-sensors 25 Kb

21. About MOCAP, Manufacturer of Quality Plastic and Rubber Products
...developing a full line of rubber injection molding caps and plugs and increasing its vinyl dip molding capacity. By 2000 MOCAP had successfully launched its Cleartec Packaging......newest, wholly owned and operated plant in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, complete with an in-house tooling & mold making shop, allows us to offer very low tooling costs and......
http://www.mocap.com/about.html 109 Kb

22. Mecatraction | Connecting solutions
...Catalogues Products Industrial connections Chain Industrial Electrical Connections Renewable energies Tooling Automotive connections Railway connections Aeronautic and spatial connections ......connections Railway connections Aeronautic and spatial connections Services After-sales service for tooling Training Technical assistance Itinexpo Contacts Sales - Contacts Europe......
http://www.mecatraction.fr/en/research-development 24 Kb
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23. Exhibitor & product search - 2017
...for production Maintenance software Manufacturing execution software (MES) Process diagnostics Software for capacity and production date scheduling Software for data security and......machines Tool checking devices, measuring systems, feedback gauging Tool measuring and setting units Tooling devices Boring and facing heads Boring devices Grinding devices Milling......
http://www.emo-hannover.de/en/exhibitors-products/index-2.xhtml 379 Kb

24. bpt.com > ProductCatalog > RotaryTableAndIndexer
...accuracy to 15 Arc-Sec, repeatability to 5 Arc-Sec, reliability, flexibility of workholding tooling, fast changeover and heavier axial and radial load capacity. GD5C2......
http://www.bpt.com/ProductCatalog/RotaryTableAndIndexer.aspx?CategoryId=65&ParentCategoryName=Rotary Table and Indexer Products 25 Kb
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25. Automotive Tubes Line - Technology - Maillefer
...range 6 to 18 mm Compounds PA, PVDF, ETFE, PBT, PE and more Introduction Show Hide How to get more value? Right capacity How easily can you respond to market changes? Is your......market changes? Is your answer profitable enough for you? With us you can choose from three different capacity levels without compromising availability or quality of your......
http://www.maillefer.net/en/technology/automotive-automotive-tubes-line/ 45 Kb

26. Welcome to BPR Curvatrici
...CPH60 CPS20 CPS35 CPS50 BA20 BA35 BA50 CPD80 CPD100 CPD80CN CPD100CN CPD 100 Brochure Hydraulic positioning Bending capacity TECHNICAL DATA Shaft Diameter 100 mm Rolls Diameter......310-330 mm Usable Shaft Length 230 mm Working Height 845 mm All Three Rolls Driven Smooth Surfaced Tooling Inertial Brake for accurate and rapid rotation arrest using......
http://www.bprcurvatrici.com/nuovo/files/prodotti/cpd100/ing/cpd100ing.html 22 Kb
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27. Stettler (Mtius) Ltd.
...Acquisition of 100% share capital 2006 Launch of in-house crystal growing using the Stepanov method Expanded capacity in all areas of activity Until 2006 Increased production of......in all areas of activity Until 2006 Increased production of cylindrical crystals Own production of tooling launched 2000 Production launch of cylindrical curved crystals 200......
http://www.stettlersapphire.ch/index.php/en/unternehmung-2/stettler-mtius-ltd 10 Kb

28. Comelec Sa - model C50s, treatment machine parylene
http://www.comelec.ch  ...recording Overall dimensions: L x W x H 2580 x 700 x 1500 mm Chamber: ∅ 450 x H 600 mm Tooling: ∅ 400 x H 540 mm Voltage: 400 VAC 3 ph + N + PE Frequency......540 mm Voltage: 400 VAC 3 ph + N + PE Frequency / power: 50 Hz / 9 kW Control voltage: 24 VDC Dimer load capacity: 500 g Pumping volume: 40 m3/h Weight: 400 kg parylene ......
http://www.comelec.ch/en/c50s.php 15 Kb
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29. Factory Environment
...Shi, Guang Dong Province, China Area : 2, 000 sq. meters Monthly average output : 30, 000 pcs (Max. capacity : 50, 000 pcs) Control staff : Approx. 30 persons Production......office Technical drawing and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Main passage Dummy sample production and tooling workshop Material warehouse ......
http://www.kentextime.com/factory.html 5 Kb

30. About Us
...Spritzgießwerkzeuge, Vakuumgießen, Sphäroguss, Gussteile, Aluguss, Aluminiumlegierungen, Stahlguss, Kokillenguss, tooling, Spritzwerkzeuge, Lamellengraphit, Werkzeugbau, Leichtmetallguss, Engineering, Guss......35 kg, prototyping up to 70 kg aluminium max.: for production up to 25 kg, prototyping up to 50 kg size capacity 1200 x 1200 x 800 mm O.ST. Feinguss GmbH A-8605......
http://www.ost-feinguss.at/index.php/en/about-us 26 Kb

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